Connecting Through Isolation

Like so many of us these last few weeks, I have been feeling lost, stuck, scared, and isolated because of the global pandemic and its after effects. I had tried to just play on this big white canvas, without worrying about trying to make it look like something I had in mind. I wanted to just trust the process of feeling my way in without a particular agenda. I felt the need to just intuitively express line and color from my subconscious mind and also my heart. While it did start out dark and disjointed, I had started praying and meditating on being in the moment and not trying to look at the big picture. I started to breathe more deeply, and then so did the painting. I opened up space in myself AND on the canvas. This work reminds me we are still alive, still connected even though we sometimes feel separate. We are energetically woven together like a spider web, breathing, hoping and praying. Unified in our fear but also strengthened by our faith. This is my commemoration to the current Covid 19 crisis.