We Just Click

We have all been sold a bag of defective goods. This is especially true of us women. Far too many of us grew up expecting a handsome Prince Charming to stroll up on his white horse and sweep us off our feet, the two of us riding off into the sunset with no conflict ever appearing beyond the horizon. I used to believe that there was such a thing as a twin soul, a black and white perfect match. Then I grew up. I now understand that we all live in this myriad of grays. I believe there ARE people out there that compliment our souls, but nothing is easy without conflict or are perfect all the time. Sometimes we have to work, sacrifice and compromise to make relationships flow beautifully. Some days that is more true of others, because sometimes when the moon and stars align I am reminded that sometimes we just click together, like two complimentary pieces of a puzzle. Hot and cold, round or sharp… somehow it still works. We live, breathe and are equal partners in the midst of all the shades of grays; the “both-ands” of everything we consider to be our reality. I have certainly found this to be true within my marriage, but I’ve recognized it and am so grateful for it within beautiful friendships as well. We don’t have to always agree on everything, but we still have to make room for love. We still have to respect each other and allow the other to breathe in the air they choose for themselves.