Birthed Into Being

Giving birth to new life is one of those miraculous acts that only a woman can perform. But as truly amazing as this is, having a baby is only one aspect of this ability. The Divine Feminine being breathes life into all creation. She has an inherent gift to bloom forth a cycle of birthing that first must begin from within her own heart and mind. Within every moment, there is a potential for change, for growth, and for evolution of consciousness.

I began painting this image of a younger version of myself with my first child, but as it was still forming on the canvas, I realized this simple image was really a depiction of so much more than I had at first considered. I had not just given birth to my child, but to myself as well. I began to glimpse my own vast potential, beyond the expected normative societal roles and accepted self- imposed restrictions. Within my own soul and with every breath I take, I give new life to possibility and expansion. Within every moment, I can give birth to myself.
I am re-born into a differently perceived aspect of our own divinity. T