Mature Love

There is a quiet magic that permeates a couple who have loved each other for a long time. Even though the Spring of the relationship may have moved into Summer, there is a peace and gratitude in knowing you are doing life with your best friend at your side. There is a profound sense of safety when you can share your whole self with another without pretense or worry. When you can let it all hang out and see all each others gifts and faults and you still show up for one another because you have melded into a more cohesive team. Though you are individually whole, you can still overlap to create something intimately shared and sacred. This painting was inspired by my wilting Valentine’s Day roses that I couldn’t bear to throw away even after they were drooped over and shriveling two weeks later. I noted how beautiful the aged folds and creases of each petal had twisted and morphed from its original vibrancy but in its place was a delicate dance that held a special beauty in its winding composition all its own. It was the very changes into the wilted shapes that made the bouquet all the more beautiful and precious. Magic isn’t always announced with an explosion. It doesn’t have to command, demand or shout. Sometimes, the most beautiful magic is simply a trusted and knowing whisper.